Our mission is firstly to evangelize by proclaiming the love and salvation offered by God through his son Jesus Christ, Go to all nations and make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. Matthew 28 : 19-20 and secondly to manifest the love of God through the concrete actions of human and social development.

           Rev. Dr Pascal BATARINGAYA - EPR President


President & Legal Representative of Presybiterian Church in Rwanda

Presbyterian Church in Rwanda Programs

The Presbyterian Church in Rwanda have been involved in different programs sub diviided into 3 sectors.

Church growth Program

The EPR is divided in 7 Presbyteries, those are constituted of 163 parishes. More than 200 pastors and evangelists work to spread the word of God! This program organises evangelisation campaigns, Bible studies in local communities and rein- force the pastors abilities. Inside this program, the women and family department set up Bible trainings, semi- nars against domestic violence and various events to strengthen the economic capaci- ties of the women. The diacony assists the poorest: sick people, prisoners and handicapped. This department also supports students that cannot afford their tuition fees. There is also a component of the evangelisation program dedicated to youth that oversees different groups: schoolchildren, students, graduates, singers, musicians and so on. The organisation of sports events or sensitization to entrepreneurshipare also parts of its prerogatives..

Education and Development Program

The EPR operates 117 schools in Rwanda. The main goal of this program is to ensure access to an education of quality for everyone. In order to reach this objective, trainings for teach- ers are organised, schools infrastructure are permanently im- proved and socio - professional integration of the youth is, among other aspects, the object of a specific attention. In Kigali, the programme also created the Centre Protestant d’Amour des Jeunes ( CPAJ ). This center is a shelter but also a professional training center for children of the street. An other similar project called the Community Center and Develop- ment Program ( CDDP ) is locat- ed in Rwamagana. Aside of the education component of the program is the develop- ment part. It exists to support communities living in the rural areas of Rwanda. Arrange- ments of water points, electrifi- cation of the parishes, crea- tion of credits / savings groups or sensitization to responsible and sustainable agriculture are some of the undertaken measures for this purpose

Health and HIV Projects

The Presbyterian Church in Rwanda manages eight health facilities: Two district hospitals (Remera Rukoma and Kirinda) and six health centers (Bi guhu, Ki rambo,Kirinda, Remera Rukoma, Rubengera and Rwahi ). Moreover,projects at the community level covering various themes such as HIV/AIDS, the fight against malnutrition or family planning are conducted.