The Presbyterian Church in Rwanda, Remera Kicukiro Parish, is one of 36 Kigali Presbytery.The parish was recognized as a parish by the EPR general assembly in 1996.The parish is located in Kigali city, Remera sector, Rukiri Cell Kg 169 St.

The community (church) started in 1989 by few people who were using a living room of one of the member and after then small period the congregation have been able to construct a hut as their first sanctuary.

Among the people who started the congregation we remember very well the former moderator and first president of the Presbyterian Church in Rwanda Pastor HITIMANA Nasson (How is current very old) and the family of William MWIZERWA and Ebralie MWIZERWA currently members of the FPC Nashville in USA.

In 1994 the genocide against Tutsi which destroyed the country destroyed also the baby community. Some people died others were dispersed, after the genocide some people came back and restarted the church but without a place for worship.

Since that time members started to work together for reconstruction of the church. Today we have 430 members registered but more than 500 attend our Sunday service.

Rev. Pst Julius NGENDAHAYO

Our Mission

Our mission is firstly to evangelize by proclaiming the love and salvation offered by God through his son Jesus Christ.

Our vision

Our vision is to build a strong church whose Christians are spiritually mature, able to testify the kingdom of God in world and whose social environment is fully bloomed.